Welcome to our forums. The purpose of the forum is for you to post your first-hand experiences and issues with Diesel DPF aftertreatment equipped trucks and equipment. It is our belief that the EPA has imposed regulations and standards that major engine manufacturers cannot meet. This has resulted in a whole generation of diesel engines that routinely fail to function correctly in the real world. This results in the consumer / driver to bear unending and exorbitant “repairs” that never repair the problem.

Read the posts. Form your own opinion. Post your feedback. Let your voice be heard!

    • EPA NEWS

      Environmental Protection Agency Diesel DPF News, Actions and Enforcements

    • DPF Class Actions

      See the latest Class Action Lawsuits against Engine Manufacturers

    • DPF Truck Applications

      Emergency Vehicles, Off Road, Agricultural, Mining, Support & Diesel DPF Exempt Applications

    • Congress

      Current Diesel DPF Engine Bills and Legislative Efforts

    • FAQ’s

      Frequently Asked Questions

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